Sunday, May 07, 2006

Beads in Stock

We have receive several shipments from our beadmakers and many items are back in stock:

Blown Beads: BL-CIP and many of the Rounds BL-CRN. We received 16 styles of these two shapes, just in time for light and airy summer Venetian jewelry. Blown Venetian beads were recently featured in the Bead and Button special issue: "Your Perfect Look". It's light and clearly a summer look which you can easily make with our beads.

New Arrivals
I love the new little 10mm Sommerso heart beads, great price and are wonderful in charm bracelets, earrings for those who like small earrings. There are many other sizes and shapes to work with related items (just below each item picture is a list of other beads which coordinate in color or shape. Sommerso 10mm Hearts

Our new style bead, over the top, traditional Venetian beads with drips and swirls of color and flowers has arrived. Currently we have 15mm ovals 15mm Dogaressa, 38mm Dogaressa and 16mm Round Dogaressa

We wish all the mothers out there a very Happy Mother's Day. If you are like me, you appreciate your mother even more as you get older. Now that I am an grandmother, I realize how much she helped me when my boys were small. So give you Mom a big hug!

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