Thursday, September 29, 2005

Beads Begin to Arrive

The beadmakers fresh from their annual holiday in August have begun to ship beads once again. Stock is available now for:

EM-8753-100 Medium Multi Bright Cross Pendant

EM-8845-200 Medium Pastel Multi Heart

CUBE12-BIC-G55 Topaz/Amber Bicolor Cubes

CD-GEM-R14-G Ca'D'Oro Gems Round 14mm

Over the next several days, we'll be adding some new crosses and beautiful multi color silver beads and we expect replacement stock of many items shortly.
Have a great day, Brenda

Monday, September 19, 2005

New Pendant Hearts - Fun and Stylish

We just received some new very young and stylish Murano Glass pendant hearts. You can find them by scrolling to the bottom of the New Arrivals page. They range in size from 35mm to 40mm (about 1 1/2 inch to 1 3/4 inch)and can be easily strung on most chains, leather or ribbon for a quick and easy necklace. Click on this link: New Arrivals - Murano Glass Hearts

Swarovski Crystals 5601 Cubes NEW

Great value on Swarovski 5601 cubes, available in many styles and prices as low as .36 for the 4mm. For the 5601 6mm we have several colors in and they price is as low as .68 (All in US dollars.) Remember that you can mix and match colors to get the best pricing within any one bead product. To view the Swarovski Crystals immediately, jut click here Swarovski Crystals at

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Swarovski Rondelles Back in Stock 5mm & 8mm

Just in are the Swarovski Rondelles Silver Plate and Gold Plate. Available in 5mm and 8mm. We'll be adding 13mm shortly. These are wonderful as spacers in all your jewelry and the sparkle goes well with our Venetian Beads.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Swarovski Crystals 4mm 5301 Bicones New

We have added 4mm Swarovski Crystals both individually and by the gross at very competitive pricing. These 4mm Austrian crystals are in the 5301 bicone in 20 popular colors, all matching our Venetian Beads. So you can buy a little as 1 or by the gross (a gross is 144 beads). Click here to see all our Swarovski Crystals. Swarovski Crystals

As always you can combine mix and match colors to reach the higher volume pricing.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Save Your Order - A Busy Beader's Dream

We've just added a new feature at, our "Save Order". Now if you do not have tme to finish an order, or just want to add items when you think of them, you can do so. You will need to create an account with us to save your order.

I love this as I often think of one or two beads I need and it's so simple to just pop them in the shopping cart and save the order. Then when I have more time I can "Restore" the order and finish it....such a time saver! To save your order click on the "Show Basket" at the top navigation bar, then give it a nickname and then save the order. Brenda

Welcome to Venetian Bead Blog

A new addition to, our VenetianBeadBlog is a quick way to let our customers know what's new at the shop without bombarding them with emails. Just drop by and you can see the latest news.

From time to time I will let you know other goings on in the bead world and try to answer some of the questions we get each day about Venetian Beads and Murano Beads.

People often ask what's the difference between Venetian Beads and Murano Beads. Way back before 1000 AD, the furnaces which make the canes for beadmaking, were located in Venice. At that time, I suppose you could truly say they were Venetian Beads. Remember that Marco Polo took these very beads with him for trading in the Orient. However in 1291, all furnaces were moved to Murano and furnaces were banned in Venice. From that time on, all the canes used in producing beads has been made in Murano. The Venetian crafts people were granted the right to make beads using the small torches (known as lampwork). However, whether they live in Venice or Murano, the canes they use come from the Effetre Moretti factory in Murano.
..More later on this subject,Brenda

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