Sunday, March 29, 2009

VenetianBeadShop Update

We've just finished 2 shows in New York and some time working with our beadmakers. We always learn something new at each show from our fellow vendors. From our back neighbor at MJSA, we are learning about stones and how he is a 7th generation stone cutter. At the WholeBead show in New York, we learn all about how leaves are dipped in gold or silver resulting in beautiful but real leaves for jewelry.

With our beadmakers we are developing a new line of dichroics. We spent sometime making samples, a couple of burned fingers reminded me that I am much better at making websites than beads! Also working for 8 hours at the torch reminds me that this is difficult, hot work and that I am grateful we have such good beadmakers help us.

When we make samples not all beads get into the line, but the picture here shows some of our work. We had hoped to work with a new dichroic material which is coated on copper but the effect just didn't turn out right. So we will begin our new line with just the silver/clears on colors, after that we'll bring out some of the more splashy beads that we designed. It will be a much more economical line. Look for this silver line on our site begining April 1st. Click to view Dichroics

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