Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back In Stock at Venetian Bead Shop Savings

If you were waiting on many styles of our Venetian Beads, they are back in stock. Usually we send out individual emails to customers, but we received about 300 line items this week so it's easier to just look. And to make your shopping experience better, we have a discount on all our Venetian Beads until Saturday night PDT 12 midnight. Click Here For Coupon and details.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Murano Glass Dichroics

Affordable Line of Extraordinary Beads

Venetian Bead Shop introduces our latest production of Dichroic Beads. After working for about 5 years on designs and production with our beadmakers, we have our new line of Murano Glass Dichroic Beads, these we call Silver Sparklers. Pictures do not do them justice, the sparkle which immimenates and the depth are simply stunning. We have these beautiful Murano Glass Beads in Rounds 10 and 12mm, Hearts 12mm and 20mm, Ovals. We are working hard to keep production up to the demand, so be sure to buy now.

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