Saturday, November 26, 2005

Contacting Us

During this busiest of all seasons, if you have a questions about your order, or need to return something, please contact us via email. Sometimes for out-of-country emails, I know that our server rejects the mail due to hacking filters. For those occasions we have a sure method which is at our website on our Contacts page. (Bottom of each and every page.)

For returns, please visit our website for details. You absolutely must return a copy of the order with the items marked. Sometimes we get packages with only beads inside and the occasional envelope which has gone through the US mail sorter machine and arrives empty of anything. A return of beads without the SKU and Order number takes time and ultimately adds to the cost of beads for everyone.

If you have a problem with your order, please email (same as above).

We prefer orders placed on the web over Phone Orders and faxes. Orders placed on the web will be processed first over phone orders/faxes as they are downloaded twice daily and automatically are ready for picking and packing.
Thanks for your help.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Blown Beads & Things

Blown beads are arriving which included replacements for several types.. There are many new colors which we will be putting on the web shortly as well. The new Orchid pendants which are also produced by our blowers are very unique. They can be seen in our "New Arrivals" section.

Many of you are waiting on the rubino beads. We have one shipment arriving late next week. As usual our problems begin with the canes and the lack of availability from the Moretti factory, so our beadmakers can't produce the beads. The most recent cane production has some variation in color for the rubino. Like carpet lots, each run of canes has its own color. The most recent, we have been experiencing some problems with burnout in the flames. As a last resort, we have had our Murano glass furnace produce some rubino which we are trying out on hearts. While everyone in Murano uses Soda Ash, the exact recipe in each furnace is different so we are holding our breath. We will get our first samples in from Venice and are hoping that the color is the vibrant rubino everyone loves.

For those of you who love the GC "Cinnamon" color, we are selling out. It was a bead fluke, produced by a not so red batch of glass from the Moretti factory and we have used all the canes. Once again we are getting nice reds, so Cinnamon is now out of production.

We are currently out of stock on our SoftFlex Silver Wire. The evacuation of the wire producing plant due to Hurricane Katrina caused a disruption in production, but the factory should begin catching up shortly. We do now have in SoftFlex 24kt .019 Gold wire in 30 ft lengths.
Happy Beading, Brenda

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