Tuesday, September 26, 2006

California Resale Buyers

Good news for our California Resale customers. We have installed new software which will eliminate Sales Tax, PROVIDED that:

1) You have submitted your valid California Resale License Number
2) You have signed and submitted the required California Resale Certificate (Complete the form and fax or mail. It must be on file before your order is shipped)

You must login and as you checkout, our shopping cart will automatically recognize you as a valid resaler, automatically insert your CA Resale # (so you don't have to remember each time) and the order will be exempt. We are working on coding in all existing customers at the moment. I hope this will make shopping a bit easier!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Smart Colors for Fall & Winter

Don't miss the color projections by Swarovski for the coming seasons. To get a quick look at the colors you'll be seeing in the stores and ideas for your own accessories, click on the link below.

Fall and Winter 2006/2007 Color Trends

We have a put together a selection of Venetian Beads which are in the color waves of the projection. It will give you some ideas of combinations and in color and texture. You can click on the beads to the right of each color wave to go directly to the Venetian Beads.

We make it easy for you design for the season.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

BeadShop Moving

We have found a new larger showroom nearby our current Santa Clara, CA place. Move date is early October as we have to get city licenses, utilities and internet access in place.

We're excited as we'll have about 3,000 sq feet of Venetian beads! Finally we can have enough space not only for our beads which today number about 8,000+ different beads, but we will have space to display our Venetian Chandeliers, Vases, and Sculptures as well as more room for our designers to work.

We will be, without question, the largest VenetianBead showroom anywhere with the largest collection of quality Venetian and Murano beads!! We also have an extensive line of silver and gold findings which is expanding daily.

We do not expect any downtime in packing and shipping as we have will get everything ready with computers set up and then transfer the beads over the weekend.

We're excited. Pictures to go on the web as soon as we get relocated. Keep reading for exact location and move date. We will still work by appointment, but it will be much more convenient.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Venetian Beads or Murano Beads

This is a question we get from time to time. Our beads which are produced using the same glass canes as the "Venetian Beads" (Effetre Moretti) but which do not lampworked in Venice or the surrounding Venice area are labeled EU and are produced in the European Union (hence the EU). Today many beadmakers have laboratories just outside Venice due to the outrageously expensive housing and commercial costs in Venice (and the islands which comprise Venice).

The quality and workmanship on these are excellent and make great accent beads because the glass matches perfectly.

Beadmaker houses in Venice also buy and resell these beads to many others (online and offline) who market them as strictly Venetian because they are unaware of the exact origin and perhaps because they never asked the question of the beadmaker in Venice or perhaps because they do not speak the language. We spend a tremendous amount of time in Venice and Murano, working in the homes of our beadmakers so when we give you an origin, it's for sure.

Bottom line, if you see a bead on our site labeled EU and you see the same bead elsewhere represented as Venetian....that seller either does not know the origin of the bead or they are misrepresenting the origin.

We offer these because we can get them in the high volume we require to meet our customer needs and the quality is excellent. Each day in Venice there are fewer beadmakers as a generation retires and young people go to college and choose hotels or computers for a career rather than work over a hot torch all day.

If you have a question about a bead on our site or on another site, email us and we'll give you the scoop. No one knows Venetian Beads better than we do!!!

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