Saturday, July 05, 2008

Chinese Knock-Offs - Counterfeit Sales

Counterfeiting of Murano Glass Beads!

It happens all the time, our pictures of our beads get sent to China and they copy them. The most recent is on where a company out of HongKong is advertising "Venetian Artisan" made beads which are from China. We have contacted but of course they are more interested in fees they collect than in our small issue. However it is false advertising which they condone.

Last year a similar incident with Macy's lead to them cancelling an advertisement and changing all their chinese fake millefiori to just read "silver jewelry". They acknowledged immediately that advertising as "Murano" is misleading to their customers.

Using the words "Venetian" and "Murano" lead a customer to want to buy beads. Saying they are "Chinese" has no appeal at all!!! So obviously the intent is to misguide the public or to commit fraud against them.

It's no small wonder that just lost a lawsuit filed by LVMH, Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton where they were order to pay 38.6 million euros ($60.8 million US) for selling fake Louis Vuitton bags and Dior perfumes on ebay. The Court ruled that ebay which earns a commission on the sales was not doing enough to stamp out counterfiet sales.

Clearly our little complaint is only one of many. Just be aware that on you are at risk when you purchase. Buy only from sources you trust.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

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