Saturday, September 16, 2006

BeadShop Moving

We have found a new larger showroom nearby our current Santa Clara, CA place. Move date is early October as we have to get city licenses, utilities and internet access in place.

We're excited as we'll have about 3,000 sq feet of Venetian beads! Finally we can have enough space not only for our beads which today number about 8,000+ different beads, but we will have space to display our Venetian Chandeliers, Vases, and Sculptures as well as more room for our designers to work.

We will be, without question, the largest VenetianBead showroom anywhere with the largest collection of quality Venetian and Murano beads!! We also have an extensive line of silver and gold findings which is expanding daily.

We do not expect any downtime in packing and shipping as we have will get everything ready with computers set up and then transfer the beads over the weekend.

We're excited. Pictures to go on the web as soon as we get relocated. Keep reading for exact location and move date. We will still work by appointment, but it will be much more convenient.

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