Monday, September 05, 2005

Welcome to Venetian Bead Blog

A new addition to, our VenetianBeadBlog is a quick way to let our customers know what's new at the shop without bombarding them with emails. Just drop by and you can see the latest news.

From time to time I will let you know other goings on in the bead world and try to answer some of the questions we get each day about Venetian Beads and Murano Beads.

People often ask what's the difference between Venetian Beads and Murano Beads. Way back before 1000 AD, the furnaces which make the canes for beadmaking, were located in Venice. At that time, I suppose you could truly say they were Venetian Beads. Remember that Marco Polo took these very beads with him for trading in the Orient. However in 1291, all furnaces were moved to Murano and furnaces were banned in Venice. From that time on, all the canes used in producing beads has been made in Murano. The Venetian crafts people were granted the right to make beads using the small torches (known as lampwork). However, whether they live in Venice or Murano, the canes they use come from the Effetre Moretti factory in Murano.
..More later on this subject,Brenda

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