Thursday, September 06, 2007

UK Customs Information

Hello to all our UK customers,
For your information, the UK Postal Service has recently announced new rules regarding shipments into the UK. Note that these rules apply to any shipment into the UK, that includes shipments from European Community Countries, Asia and the US.

The UK requirements can be found at the following webpages so that you are well aware of your potential charges upon arrival. If you have a VAT license #, please submit with your order and we can use in the documentation. If not, perhaps now is the time for you to apply for a license if you are in the business of selling beading supplies or jewellery.

Please check by clicking on the below links to find the data

If you have questions, we have found that the UK Customs website responds quickly to emails sent to them.

Additionally, we have heard from some customers that the UK Postal Service is charging a 8 Pound "Service Fee" in addition to VAT and any customs duties.

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