Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Big Apple Thanks

We just returned from the WholeBead Show in New York and it was a real hit. The weather was warmer than California with temps in the high 70s and the crowds enjoyed the weather and the beads. I had hoped to see some beautiful fall colors on the leaves in Central Park, but they had not begun to change.

A short visit to the Metropolitan Museum gave me lots of new ideas for new beads and jewelry based on some of the antiques they house there. What's old is always new again. Just when we think we have a brilliant new idea, a trip to the museum proves that in ancient civilizations, beautiful jewelry was already in vogue. Lunch up on the terrace provides a great view of the skyline and is not expensive.

There is a wonderful Klimt exihibit at the Neue Gallerie just off the park with an exquisite collection of his works....again new ideas for us to use in our beads and for inspiration of the use of colors.

As it was Tina's first trip to New York (shown in the picture above at the entrance of the 72nd Street Station), we did a lot of evening sightseeing. The ferry trip over to Staten Island provided her with a great view of the Statue of Liberty and the city lights of downtown Manhattan. She loved Time Square and Central Park and riding the subway, but mostly she loved shopping.

The show was well produced and the staff at the Metropolitan Pavilion were all very helpful. We will be back in March 2008 so make your plans. New York is a great destination city with so much to do in addition to shopping for beads. The show in March will have about double the vendors from this event, so be sure you're there.

We thank everyone who came out and again it was such fun to put faces to our customers, who came from far and near. I think the winner for the longest distance was Colorado.

We have one show left for this year, San Diego on November 10-11 and then we'll be home based until Tucson begins in February.
Happy Beading,

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