Friday, October 26, 2007

Blown Beads - Zanfirico Hearts

Good news we received a shipment of blown beads which replenished many of our
Blown Beads especially in the oval 20mm shapes. We have a commitment from our blower to ship monthly for the future as the blown beads are one of most popular items. There are just a couple of people still working this method in Murano so we're delighted to have the best of those on our team. After working with him for about a week in the furnace every day, we came up with some new designs which will be arriving just before Christmas and even more before Tuscon.

Our latest trip to Venice resulted in a new supplier for our zanfirico hearts and we have reduced our everyday prices on these to $26.50, a substantial reduction. They measure about 35mm (handmade and can vary) and are slightly puffy. We are very happy as this is a beautiful bead but was a little pricy. Great new Red colors just available. Click Here And we now have the rounds in a 16mm in Crystal with the stunning yellow daisy. We'll be adding new colors as during our visit we designed some new beads and colors which will be stunning.

Remember as all our beads are handmade, the actual sizes will vary. Just try working with hot glass at over 1700 degrees F and making accurately the same bead 200 times in a row.....

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