Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Redentore in Venice 2009

If you'd like to enjoy the fireworks from the Redentore Festival in Venice, Click Here.

It's on Youtube.com and you can find many other movies with great pictures.

This weekend was the popular Redentore Festivale in Venice. It celebrates the end of the plague in 1577 and is commemorated with an amazing display of fireworks (spettacolo pirotecnico). The plague claimed over 50,000 residents incuding the famous painter Tiziano Vecellio.
The plague is thought to have been brought to Venice from the Orient by flea-infested mice onboard Venetian trading ships. Cats were brought from Syria who helped in the elimination of the mice.
Andrea Palladio was commissioned to design the Church of the Redeemer which is on the island of Giudecca. On Sunday of the festival a pontoon bridge (Ponte Votivo) is build from Zattere to the church so that Venetians can walk over to pay tribute.
By early Saturday afternoon, the lagoon is a mass of of boats moored together, festively decorated, laden with gastronomical delights and the ever wonderful Italian wines. Maybe Monday won't be such a good day for beadmaking!


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